Refractory Materials for Glass Kilns

Glass Furnace Overview

Glass melting furnace is a thermal equipment for making glass, usually made of refractory materials. Utilize the chemical energy of fuel, electric energy, or other energy to generate heat, creating a controllable high-temperature environment, in which the glass batch material undergoes the process of heat transfer, mass transfer, and momentum transfer, completes physical and chemical changes, and is melted, clarified, and homogenized. During the stages of melting and cooling, a certain quantity and quality of molten glass are provided for production.
AZS glass furnace

Refractory Materials for Various Parts of the Furnace

In the glass industry, the quality of refractory materials is of great significance to improving the quality of glass products, saving fuel, extending kiln life, and reducing glass production costs. Refractory materials are the material basis of glass kilns. They have a great impact on the overall efficiency of the kiln and must be reasonably selected. The working conditions of various parts of the pool kiln are different, and the performance of the refractory materials required is also different.

AZS brick for sale
azs refractory brick

(1) Pool Wall Tiles

The pool wall bricks are made of AZS bricks or dense quartz stone bricks.

(2) Pool Bottom Bricks

Pool bottom bricks are required to be wear-resistant and have integrity, so multi-layer composite pool bottom structures are often used. Multi-layer structures generally have an insulation layer underneath the main layer of large clay bricks. Fused AZS bricks with good corrosion resistance and wear resistance are commonly used.

(3) Feeding Tank Bricks

Fused zirconium corundum bricks containing 41% ZrO2 are commonly used without shrinkage holes; ordinary cast AZS-33 bricks can be used in other parts. Large cast kaolin clay bricks can also be considered for the lower-feeding pool bricks.

(4)Liquid Hole Brick

The liquid hole uses AZS-41 bricks without shrinkage holes.

(5) Bricks for Cooling Pools and Forming Pools

The cooling pool requires AZS bricks produced by the oxidation method, which have a high glass phase precipitation temperature and will not bring bubbles to the glass. The forming pool uses electro-fused a-BAL2O3 bricks.

(6) Bricks for Kiln Roof and Parapet

Silica bricks, high-quality silica bricks, and fused AZS-33 bricks can be used.

(7) Bricks for the Front Wall and Lattice Wall

Currently, fused AZS-33 bricks are used, and high-quality silica bricks and sintered AZS bricks are also used in combination.

(8) Bricks for Small Furnace

The burner bricks are made of bricks, the burner side wall bricks and floor bricks, and the nozzles are made of fused AZS-33 bricks. The floor can also be made of sintered dense corundum bricks.

(9) Refractory Materials for Special Parts

There are some parts of the pool kiln masonry, such as bubble holes, kiln sills, electrode holes, inspection holes, measuring holes, etc. Generally, shrinkage-free fused zirconium corundum bricks containing 41% ZrO2 produced by the oxidation method are used. This material has poor thermal vibration resistance. You can consider using fused quartz bricks or dense zirconium bricks produced by the sintering method. Measuring holes and inspection holes commonly use customized fused zirconium corundum bricks containing 41% ZrO2.


In a word, AZS bricks are the main refractory materials required for glass kilns. Kerui Refractory, as a leader in the refractory industry, AZS bricks are our main advantageous products. Welcome to inquiry.

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