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Corundum Brick

Used in iron-making blast furnaces and hot blast furnaces, steel-making furnace external refining furnaces, sliding water heaters, glass melting furnaces and petrochemical industrial furnaces.

  • Al2O3/%: 95-98
  • SiO2/%: 0.15-0.5
  • Fe2O3/%: 0.1-0.3
  • Refractoriness Under Load: 1700MPa
  • Cold crushing strength: 80-100MPa
  • Certification: ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO45001/ISO50001
  • Sample: testing of sample is available

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Description of Corundum Brick

Corundum bricks are refractory products with corundum as the main crystal phase, in which the Al2O3 content is greater than 90%. High normal temperature compressive strength (up to 340MPa). High load softening start temperature (greater than 1700°C). Good chemical stability, strong resistance to acidic or alkaline slag, metal and glass liquid. The thermal shock stability is related to its structure, the corrosion resistance of dense products is good, but the thermal shock stability is poor. There are two types of sintered corundum bricks and fused corundum bricks. It can be made by using sintered alumina and fused corundum as raw materials, or bauxite clinker with high Al2O3/SiO2 ratio and sintered alumina, and is made by sintering method. Unfired corundum bricks can also be made with phosphoric acid or other binders. Mainly used in iron-making blast furnaces and blast furnace hot blast stoves, refining furnaces outside steel-making furnaces, sliding water heaters, glass melting furnaces and petrochemical industrial furnaces,, the corrosion resistance of dense products is good, but the thermal shock stability is poor.

Classification of Corundum Brick

corundum mullite brick 1

Corundum Mullite Brick

Main material of corundum mullite brick is imported plate corundum, high pure fused corundum, adopt advanced superfine powder adding technology, it is made by the mixing material, drying, molding and burned in high temperature shuttle kiln.


fused conrundum brick manufacturer

Fused Corundum Brick

Fused corundum bricks are made by melting alumina in an electric arc furnace and casting it into a specified model of a specific shape. The desired product is obtained by annealing and holding, and then by processing with diamond abrasives.


chrome corundum brick 2

Chrome Corundum Brick

Chrome corundum brick is also called high wear-resistant chrome corundum tapping brick. Using α-Al2O3 as raw material, appropriate amount of chromia powder and chrome corundum clinker fine powder are added, and then they are shaped and burned at high temperature. The main mineral composition is α-Al2O3-Cr2O3 solid solution. Minor minerals consist of a small amount of composite spinel (or no composite spinel), refractory bricks with 1% to 30% chromium oxide content.

high chrome brick4

High Chromium Brick

High chromium bricks are made of chromium oxide and alumina as the main raw materials, or a small amount of zirconium oxide is introduced. After high temperature firing into. The content of chromium oxide is not less than 75%, and the content of chromium oxide and alumina is not less than 98% of the shaped refractory products. High chromium bricks have excellent resistance to leaching, high compressive strength at room temperature, excellent wear resistance, high temperature resistance, good thermal shock resistance, etc.

Kerui Corundum Brick Technical Data Sheet

ω (Al2O3)/%μ099.0 99.0 98.0 95.0
ω (SiO2)/%μ00.150.20.5/
ω (Fe2O3)/%μ00.10
Apparent Porosity/%μ019191920
Bulk Density (g/cm³)μ03.20
Cold Crushing Strength/MPaμ0808080100
Permanent Linear Change (1600℃*3h)/%Xmin
0.2MPa 0.6% Refractoriness Underload/℃Xmin1700170017001700


Advantages of Corundum Brick

High Hardness

Corundum brick has a very high hardness, the hardness of corundum brick is close to Mohs hardness 9, which is harder than steel.

Corrosion Resistance

Corundum bricks have high corrosion resistance to various acids, alkalis and chemical solutions, and can work stably in harsh chemical environments.

High Temperature Resistance

The load softening degree of corundum bricks is generally between 1600-1800 degrees, and its refractory temperature can reach between 1770-2000 degrees.

Dimensional Stability

Corundum bricks have good thermal shock resistance, and the refractoriness is not lower than 1690 degrees. Its linear expansion coefficient between 20-450 degrees is about 0.03mm/degree, so it can withstand high temperature melt flow static pressure without rupture.

Excellent Insulation Performance

Corundum brick is an excellent insulation material, which can block current and heat conduction, and is suitable for high temperature electrical insulation and heat insulation applications.

Good Air Permeability

the gas precipitated in the zirconium corundum brick melt can penetrate out from the gaps of the silica sand particles in the molding wall, so the air permeability is good.

Application of Corundum Brick

Metallurgical Industry

Corundum bricks are widely used as lining materials for high-temperature furnaces, such as smelting furnaces, crucibles, insulation layers and heat exchangers. It can withstand extremely high temperatures and chemical attack, provides excellent fire resistance and thermal conductivity.

Mining Industry

In the process of ore smelting and ore processing, corundum bricks are often used in the lining of ore dryers, converters and sintering machines to resist high temperature and wear. It can also be used in ore conveying pipes and nozzles.

Chemical Industry

Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, corundum bricks are used as lining materials for chemical reactors, storage tanks and pipelines in chemical factories. It is resistant to acid, alkali and other chemical solutions.

Power Industry

Corundum bricks can be used for high-temperature power equipment, such as coal-fired boilers, gas-fired boilers and thermal power plant boiler linings. It is resistant to high temperature, abrasion and chemical attack.

Electronics Industry

Corundum bricks have important applications in the manufacturing process of electronic equipment and semiconductors. It can be used as electronic ceramic parts, encapsulation materials, insulating layers and thermal insulation materials, providing excellent insulating properties and thermal stability.

Aerospace Industry

Corundum bricks are widely used in high-temperature and high-pressure equipment in the aerospace field, such as rocket engine nozzles, combustion chamber linings and heat insulation materials. It is able to withstand extreme temperatures and mechanical stress.

Application Advantages of Corundum Bricks

  • Used in the steel industry, the service life of chrome corundum material is more than double that of corundum material, such as ladle ventilation bricks, etc.;
  • Used in the non-ferrous smelting industry, the wear resistance and erosion resistance of corundum bricks are obviously better than other bricks;
  • In the carbon black industry, the use of corundum bricks doubles the life of other bricks used under the same conditions.
  • In the petrochemical industry, due to long-term high temperature (1350 ~ 1450 ℃), high pressure (3.1 ~ 8.53 MPa), strong reducing atmosphere (CO + H2 + CH4) and air velocity Large (about 10 m s-1), the erosion and damage to the lining refractory material are serious, so the requirements for the lining refractory material are higher. High-performance corundum bricks have high density and high strength and are more resistant to air erosion and wear resistance than corundum bricks. The introduction of Cr2O3 into the corundum brick changes the internal quality of the product, significantly improves the resistance to slag erosion and penetration resistance of the brick, and the use of corundum bricks on the gasifier can increase the service life of the gasifier.


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