Acid Proof Brick for sale

Acid Proof Brick

  • Acid Resistance ≥/%: 99.8
  • Water Absorption ≤/%: 2
  • Bulk Density/ (g/cm³): 2.31-2.4
  • Bending strength: ≥58.80MPA
  • Compressive Strength/Mpa: 120
  • Thermal Shock Resistance ≥/Cycles (130℃-20℃): 1

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Description of Acid Proof Brick

Acid Proof/Resistant Brick is anti corrosive and acid resistant material, which uses quartz, feldspar and clay as main raw materials and is fired by high temperature.Acid proof brick can resist most acids like warm chlorine saline, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid except hydrofluoric acid and hot Phosphoric acid. Also it can resist alkali with different density at room temperature.Acid proof brick main component is SiO2. When SiO2 is burned in high temperature, there are lots of Polychlorite andalusite which can resist acids strongly. Acid resistant brick also can resist alkali at room temperature because of high density, low water absorption. But it does not resist alkali at high temperature.

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Kerui Acid Proof Brick Technical Data Sheet

Acid Resistance ≥/%99.8
Bulk Density/ (g/cm³)2.31-2.4
Water Absorption ≤/%2
Bending Strength ≥/Mpa58.8
Compressive Strength/Mpa120
Thermal Shock Resistance ≥/Cycles (130℃-20℃)1

Advantages of Acid Proof Brick

Chemical Corrosion Resistance

Acid-resistant bricks have strong corrosion resistance, and the acid and alkali resistance is as high as 99.8%. They can be used for a long time in harsh chemical environments without degradation.

Low Water Absorption

The standard water absorption of acid-resistant bricks is 0.5-2.0%, and acid-resistant bricks have low porosity, which reduces water absorption capacity. This property is very important as it prevents the penetration of moisture, avoiding chemical reactions and subsequent degradation.

Mechanical Strength

Acid-resistant brick has high strength and high wear resistance. It has a pressure capacity greater than 100MPA and is not easy to damage

Classification of Acid Proof Brick

Plain Unglazed Acid-resistant Brick

This type of acid-resistant brick has no glaze on the surface, and the entire brick body is completely porcelainized after high-temperature firing, with low water absorption.

Glazed Acid-resistant Brick

The surface of this type of acid-resistant brick is glazed, and the brick body is also fired at high temperature to be completely porcelainized, with low water absorption.

Matte Glazed Acid-resistant Brick

The surface of this type of acid-resistant brick is glazed, but the brightness of the glaze is not high, it looks better than plain unglazed bricks, but it is more non-slip than glazed acid-resistant bricks, and the brick body is also fully porcelain

Application of Acid Proof Brick

Chemical Industry

Acid wear-resistant bricks are used in the construction of equipment in contact with acidic media such as chemical plants, chemical laboratories, pickling towers, and acid tanks. They can resist the attack of strong acid and ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment.

Power Industry

In power stations and power plants, acid wear-resistant bricks are often used in the construction of acid-resistant layers to prevent acid gas from damaging equipment and building structures. For example, in desulfurization plants, acid wear-resistant bricks are used to build reactors and absorption towers.

Oil Refining Industry

There are a lot of acidic media in oil refineries, such as sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid. Acid wear-resistant bricks are widely used in the inner walls of oil refining units, including distillation towers, reactors and storage tanks, to protect equipment from corrosion.

Food Processing Industry

In some food processing processes, acidic solutions or acidic cleaners may be used. Acid wear-resistant bricks can be applied to the interior of food processing equipment, pipes and storage containers to ensure their resistance to acidic media and meet hygienic requirements.

Laboratory and Pharmaceutical Industry

In some specific processes of chemical laboratories, pharmaceutical factories and pharmaceutical companies, acid wear-resistant bricks are often used to construct reactors, solvent storage areas and pickling equipment to withstand the corrosion of acidic substances.

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