Cordierite Mullite Kiln Shelves

Cordierite Mullite Kiln Shelves

  • Bulk Density/g·cm3: ≥1.85
  • Apparent Porosity/%: 26士4
  • Room Temperature Flexural Strength/MPa: ≥10
  • High Temperature Flexural Strength (1250℃*0.5h)/MPa: ≥9
  • Thermal Expansion Coefficient (20℃~1000℃)/10-6 ℃-1: ≤2.8
  • Certification: ISO9001/ISO14001/ISO45001/ISO50001
  • Processing Service: Bending, Welding, Punching, Decoiling, Cutting, Moulding

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Description of Cordierite Mullite Kiln Shelves

Cordierite-Mullite kiln furniture is composed of cordierite, mullite and glass phase. Due to the high temperature resistance of mullite and the low expansion of cordierite, Cordierite-Mullite kiln furniture has excellent thermal shock resistance,long service time,can be safety used at temperature below 1350℃.
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Kerui Cordierite Mullite Kiln Shelves Technique Data

Bulk Density/g·cm3≥1.85
Apparent Porosity/%264
Room Temperature Flexural Strength/MPa≥10
High Temperature Flexural Strength (1250*0.5h)/MPa≥12≥9
Thermal Expansion Coefficient (20~1000)/10-6 -1≤2.8≤3.8≤2.8≤3.8
Thermal Shock Resistance (1100, Water Cooling)/Timeresistance≥30

Regular dimension (mm):
600*500 600*470 600*400 500*500 500*370 500*340 500*450 485*460 450*450 450*420 420*380 360*360 340*340 330*330 320*320 310*310
Note: Thickness on customer’s requirement

Features of Cordierite Mullite Kiln Furniture

1. Good thermal conductivity
2. Good high temperature strength
3. Wear resistant and erosion resistant
4. Good thermal shock resistance
5. Good corrosion resistance
6. Good oxidation resistance

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Application of Cordierite Mullite Kiln Furniture

Cordierite Mullite kiln furniture is mainly used in ceramic shuttle kiln, tunnel kiln,roller kiln for firing sanitary ware,electrical ceramics ,crystallized glass panesl,hard ferrites,powder metallurgy,stoneware,earthenware,redware,porcelain,bone china,pottery pot,dolomitic pottery,heavy clays.

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