Commonly used Refractory Materials for Carbon Black Reactors

The chemical and petroleum industries are an important area of refractory application. Since there are many thermal kiln equipment and complex operating conditions, when choosing refractory materials, you should choose carefully according to the different kiln equipment.

Application of Refractory Castables
The carbon black reactor is composed of five major parts: combustion chamber, throat, reaction section, quenching section and residence section.
The temperature of the combustion section in the reactor can reach 1600~1700°C, and the hot air flow in the furnace is fast, especially at the end of the throat. Under normal working conditions, the airflow temperature at the end of the throat is above 1700°C, or even as high as 1900°C or higher. At the same time, shutdown of the furnace due to operational reasons, replacement of various products, and the use of water vapor to enter the furnace to purge the oil pipes will cause the furnace lining material to peel off due to thermal stress. In addition, the oxides in the ash produced after the pyrolysis of fuel and raw materials also have a great corrosive effect on refractory materials.

Refractory Materials for Carbon Black Reactor

The refractory material lining the carbon black reactor should have the advantages of high refractory resistance, good thermal shock resistance, high density, low porosity and strong resistance to high temperature corrosion/erosion.

high alumina fire brick

High Alumina Fire Brick
  • Al2O3: 55-80%;
  • Apparent Porosity: 19-26%;
  • Refractoriness Under Load: 1420-1530MPa;
  • Cold crushing strength: 40-70MPa;

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corundum brick price

Corundum Brick
  • Al2O3/%: 95-98
  • SiO2/%: 0.15-0.5
  • Fe2O3/%: 0.1-0.3
  • Refractoriness Under Load: 1700MPa

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azs brick manufacturer

AZS Brick
  • ZrO2%: ≥ 16
  • Fe2O3%: ≤ 0.5
  • Bulk Density (g/cm³): ≥ 2.70
  • Cold Crushing Strength/MPa: ≥ 70

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At present, the commonly used refractory materials for lining carbon black reactors at home and abroad include aluminum-silicon products, corundum products, chromium corundum products and zirconium refractory materials. Among them, aluminum-silicon products include high-aluminum, mullite, mullite-corundum and other products; corundum products refer to aluminum-silicon products with an Al₂O₃ content of more than 90%. The chromium corundum refractory material system includes both chromium corundum products with different Cr₂O₃ contents and amorphous (such as pouring, ramming) products. Zirconium refractory materials are divided into zirconia-containing chromium corundum products and ZrO₂ products.


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